Unical Post UTME Past Questions for Medicine and Surgery pdf Download

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The nature of the POST UTME examination in this school has remained the same over the years. Students who used past questions and answers give testimonies on how it helped them sail through with ease. The exams usually consists of 40 questions in total picked from four different core subject areas as combined from your intending course of study which is Medicine.

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Reasons you should use Unical Post UTME Past Questions

Enough benefits comes with using Past questions before the exams date. The one major reason is that It empowers you to distinguish major topics that Unical doesn’t  exempt in their questions and this keeps you focused on the topics to study extensively. This is vital as it will empower your speed and makes you focused.

Sample of Unical Post UTME Past Questions for Medicine and Surgery


1. Which of the following represents an aromatic compound

(a ) CoH5oH (b) CoH12 (c) CoHoOH (d) CoH8

2. A compound contains 31.91% potassium, 28.93A chlorine and the rest oxygen. What is ‘tie chemical formular of the compound? 25cm of o.2moldm’3 solution of Na2CO3 requires 20ciii3 of a solution of HC1 for neutralization. The concentration of the CR1 solution is

a) 0.Smoldm3 (b) 0.(nnoldm3 (c) 0.2nioldm3 (d) 0.4moldm3

3. A gas X diffuses twice as fast as gas y under the same conditions. If the relative molecular mass of x is 28, calculate the relative molecular mass of y.

(a) 112 (b) 120 (c) 56 (d) 14.

4. Which of the following ion is acidic?

(a) K+ (b) N03 (c) S2 (d) H304

5. In the electrolysis of a concentrated solution of sodium chloride at the cathode and the anode respectively?

(a) Na4 and Cl’ (b) Na4 and 0H (c) H4 and 0H (d) W and Ci

6. A given volume of methane diffuses in 20s. how long will take the same volume of sulphur (iv) oxide to diffuse under the same conditions? What volume of 0.5moldm’3 HS04 will exactly neutralize 20cm3 of 0.lmoldm’3 Na OH solution?

(a) 2.0cm3 (b) 5.0cm3 (c) 6.8cm3 (d) 8.3cm3

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