Top Inverter Brands in Nigeria and their Capacity

It is called inverter because the both current are inverted and produce the DC as output.

What is an inverter?

An inverter is a power electronic device that converts direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC) for use by electrical gadgets.

You don’t just have to go for any kind of inverter but the best inverter. In this article, we would provide you the top inverter brands in Nigeria.

Top Inverter Brands in Nigeria and their Capacity

Sukam 25KVA/360V Inverter

Top Inverter Brands in Nigeria

This brand of inverter isn’t for a small house appliances. It is used by hospital for the maintenance of equipment also in filling station for pumping their fuel and gas.

Certainly it’s for commercial business and firms. It has a high capacity of 25KVA, a very big capacity.

Luminous 1.5kVA/24V Inverter

Top Inverter Brands in Nigeria

This inverter is very affordable and cheap. Unlike the Sukam 25KVA/360V Inverter that’s for commercial business and firm. Luminous inverter can be used in small houses, offices because they provide less power outputs.

Mercury 5KVA/24V Spirit Plus Solar Inverter

Top Inverter Brands in Nigeria

This inverter is acceptable for  large or medium-sized office or business, also household appliances and active for power intensive equipment’s. It helps you to use the inverter for a long time before there’s light out.

APC Home UPS 850VA Sinewave B1850SINE Inverter

Top Inverter Brands in Nigeria

APC means The American Power Conversion. It has the output voltage which is of 500 volts. It’s very affordable and easy to use. In case there’s any fluctuation of light in Nigeria. It’s designed for that purpose.

Prag 3.5KVA/48V Inverter

Top Inverter Brands in Nigeria

Prag manufacturing company made this inverter that is suitable for family equipment and appliances like phone, refrigerator, gadget, AC. One can use it in the office to run some equipment to maintain power stability.

Bluegate 10KVA/192V Solar Inverter

Top Inverter Brands in Nigeria

This inverter is used in offices and factories to power their machines to stay active all round the clock. It used as a back up for generators in factories and offices.

Microtek Static Converter UPS SEBz 1100 V2 Inverter

Taiwan Multinational Company, Microtex made this inverter and they are known as the best inverter manufacturer in the world. This inverter has made the list of best inverters to look out for in Nigeria. This is because it makes use of brisk speed with a UPS transfer time approximately 15 milliseconds.

Sukam 5KVA/96V Pure Sine Wave Inverter

This brand is part of the ‘colossal series’. It is very big and has enough capacity to power bulbs, and a way long to lifting elevators, and air conditioner. It is suitable for office appliances that requires high and stable power which is the opposite PHCN light.

The above mentioned are the best inverter you can get in Nigeria for your daily use whether in your office, home and industry. We await your feedback.

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