Top 10 Best Bulk SMS Providers in Nigeria

Top 10 Best Bulk SMS Providers in Nigeria

What is bulk sms providers? Bulk small providers includes sms that sends messages that are customized  to a great number of people through their phone numbers. This Bulk sms provides you the access to send text at a cheaper price.

Top 10 Best Bulk SMS Providers in Nigeria

Internet has really gone viral. You could barely do anything without the use of Internet.  It’s used in the office, company, home and everywhere. People send messages to their loved ones everyday.

It can be very irritating when you want to send a text that’s so urgent to someone and you can reach the person. It can be very passing.

Let’s see the best bulk sms providers in Nigeria

Top 10 Best Bulk SMS Providers in Nigeria

  • NET.NG is powered by a team of young programmers from Impactcentric Techniks limited.  It can handle both geocoding and reverse geocoding.

Geocoding is that the process of remodeling decscription of a particular location or an address. The location is into a (latitude, longitude). The location is into a coordinate.

Reverse Geocoding is that the process of remodeling a latitude, longitude coordinate into a partial address. This sms provider is very reliable with a good connection.

  • COM

This website has guarantee delivery. They are one of the pioneer of telemarketing company in Nigeria. It’s an old website and they have maintain their legacy and quality for years. The price of their sms provider isn’t so cheap. You can bank on their smooth delivery.

  • ORG

This sms provider is one of the cheapest  and most reliable sms provider in Nigeria. you can acquire bulk sms for as low as 90 kobo per unit. You can be sure of instant delivery to network provider like:  glo, mtn, 9mobile e.t.c

If you want to start an sms business. There’s no cost attached to it to set it up. Payment can be done via different means. You can decide to deposit,  transfer and online payment.

  • COM

They are the most preferred VAS provider for Bulk SMS in Nigeria. You don’t get charged for messages not delivered. It’s one of the cheapest and affordable.  You can pay for your NEPA bills, transfer and do whatever directly through your account. Registering on this site is just easy you would also  get free Test units to test their speed of delivery. Isn’t that amazing?

  • NET

The solutions they offer are:

The SMS prices range from at N0.89 per SMS for volume between 1 to 9,999 and as low as N0.73 for a minimum volume of 10,000,000 units.

the Excel Plugin which enables one send SMS from an excel sheet containing the messages and phone numbers

a Number Extractor solution that can help extract phone numbers from any text document.

  • GOLD SMS 247

It’s very cheap and affordable. You can buy SMS as low as 82 kobo per SMS. The

maximum of 88 kobo per SMS for 100 to 2,999 SMS. They are very reliable.


Their sms provider price per unit ranges from as low as 1.55 naira per SMS. When you are getting over 499,999 units. The maximum of 1.90 per SMS if you are buying between 100 to 4,999 units.


It’s a very cheap sms provider. Let’s take a look at some of the features.

The price unit: 65 kobo per unit

You also have the chance to become a VIP member when you pay a one-time subscription of 2,500 naira with this you can buy SMS at a flat rate of 85 kobo for 500 units and above.


They have long term experience in the industry. They have quite number of features that are so amazing like Fast SMS delivery, a very affordable SMS rates, delivery to Do Not Disturb(DND) numbers, dedicated and friendly customer support staff, Flexible and innovative HTTP and SMPP API, perfect for One Time Password(OTP), speedy delivery report.


It price for a unit is as low as 1.35 naira per unit if you are buying over 499,999 units and maximum of 1.90 naira per unit if you are buying between 200 to 4,999 units.

They provide sms bulk for individual,  organization. It’s good for business and NGO. once you have a mobile app and a great customer relation, you would like this sms provider.

Try this sms providers and enjoy. Connect with us, we love your feedback!

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