Steps to Join the Nigerian institute of Management

Steps to Join the Nigerian institute of Management

‘Nigerian management Group’ as formerly called was established in 1961, the Nigerian institute of Management (NIM) came into existence when commerce, industry and government top executives had a meeting in order to bring into life a body that will oversee the management of different sectors of Nigerian economy.

Steps to Join the Nigerian institute of Management

Upon its establishment, the association immediately got recognition from other management institutions within and outside Africa. This led to the passage of the Nigerian Institute of

Management Establishment act in 2003.

Some of the values of the group includes; Integrity, Transparency, Responsibility, Accountability, Equity, Fairness, etc. Have you been wondering on how to become a member of NIM? This article is written to proffer an answer to that wonder.

Category of membership

Being a member of NIM is a good thing especially for the professional who is looking out for every opportunity to develop his or her career.

It is an organization for those who are commuted to making impact individually or collectively individually or organizationally respectively. The membership of the institute are in two distinct categories which are:

1.    Individual Membership

Just like the name implies, this means being a member as a person. Once you become a Member as an individual, you will have the opportunity of adding Acronyms such as AMNIM, FNIM or MNIM to your name and other exclusive rights includes; opportunity to network with other managers, attend programmes organized by the institute at a very subsidized rate, Be a fully recognized entity in the institute, contribute to the policy making process in the country and also get access to the wide range of resources in the institute amongst others.

2.    Corporate Membership

This membership is exclusively for corporate organizations and cannot be granted to individuals. As a corporate member in the institute, you have an exclusive benefit of having the institute come in to train your staff so that you can have a world class service delivery from your staff as well as other mouthwatering benefits of being a corporate member.

5 Steps to Join the Nigerian institute of Management

You need to know that membership opportunity is opened to all professionals within and outside the country.

  1. To register as a member of the institute, you simply have to pay 5,000 naira (for individuals) or 10,000 naira (for corporate organizations)
  2. After payment has been made, you will be require to write an examination after which upon your success, you will be inducted into the institute. The induction comes up quarterly.
  3. As a member, you can choose to upgrade you membership and this can be considered only after you have spent a minimum of three years in the institute.
  4. If you meet the requirement, you must then have at least 15 points, the points can only be gotten by attending events SBD functions that are organized by the institute including the Mandatory Continuing Professional Education Program.
  5. Upon meeting the requirements, a member that want to upgrade his or her status will be require to pay a sum of 10,000 naira (which can be changed at any time) should the applicants owe the institute any debt, he will be required to clear it up and then, send a mail to the institute’s email address.


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