Importance of Sex Education in the Home

Importance of Sex Education in the Home.

The essence of sex education is to help children understand men and women body structures and to acquire the knowledge about birth.

It teaches children to know the distinction and similarities between males and females as well as their future development and acquaintance with people of the opposite sex.

Sex education also teaches them to know the responsibility and roles that is expected from people of their gender and by extension, them. Though this is not conventional but varies in different cultures and traditions.

Sex education is of great importance to the society at large and it is somewhat holistic. It importance will be listed and explained in a bit.

Importance of Sex Education in the Home

Here are reasons why Comprehensive Sex Education should be taught at homes:

 “Just Say No” Doesn’t Change Opinions

Simply telling a child to say no when approached by the opposite sex isn’t is a guarantee that he or she would. An intelligent child would ask you what there is about it that she/he should say no to. Just telling someone to say no doesn’t help those who want to say yes.

It is therefore of great benefit to tell the child reasons to say no. Stating clearly the many dangers involved in indulging in sexual activities would help a great deal. Education has never been harmful.

Boys Want to Be Men, Teach Them to Be Good Men

A male child wants to grow up and become a man, children now seem to be tired of being children and want to grow up and experience life.

This trait is seen in want they do and how they relate to life. It would be of their benefit to teach them what they should know, most especially sex education.

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Girls Want to Be Women, Teach them to be good Women

The above explained in number two is also applicable to the female children, they too want know what ladies know and they tend to be in a hurry to know.

Refusal to let them know might result in an unfortunate experience. So, it advisable parents teach their children all they need to know about sex.

Comprehensive Sex Education Doesn’t Encourage Kids to Have Sex

As opposed to what many parents believe, knowing is not in any way dangerous, rather, ignorance is. Some parents think that when a child is knows all about sex, he or she will attempt it.

Contrary to this, when a child does not know, that is when he/she would be eager to know and that might lead to the act. Whereas, knowing the disadvantages of premature sex would help the child stay out of it.

The More Children Know, the More Likely They’ll Say No

Children have magnetic brains and whatever they know stays with them. If they know before they are being lied to, it would help them to say no and walk away but if they don’t know, they might be tempted to find out what’s in there that seems to be important.

Comprehensive Sex Encourages Abstinence, Not Ignorance

Conscious abstinence in anything is as a function of knowledge. You would to know a thing to know why you don’t want to be involved in it.

If a child knows the detriments of getting involved in a premature sexual activities, such child is most likely to refuse such act so as not to bring problem to his or herself.

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