Plateau State Teachers Recruitment Past Questions & Answers

Here are the past questions for the Plateau State Teachers Recruitment. It has been made available for people who desire to get a full-time job. This list of plateau state teachers recruitment past questions is the best thing to have and study because over 60% of the questions on the examinations are the same or are asked in a different way.

People who used this past question to study gave testimony and were all hired because they scored much above average. There’s a lot of competition, and whether or not you get hired depends on how well you do on the tests.

So, this is where you can get the official questions from the past for the next Plateau State Teachers Recruitment exam. We have the most recent Past Questions and Answers from the last year.

Plateau State Teachers Recruitment

Why you need to know Plateau State Teachers Recruitment Past Questions?
When an exam is coming up, it is common for applicants to feel nervous. They keep worrying about what the tests will look like and if they will do well on them. Some people end up getting sick because they can’t handle the pressure inside them.

But you can get around this by telling yourself what to expect. You can get used to exam questions by looking at past questions. So, you won’t be as nervous because you’ll know what you’re likely to see on the exams.


Plateau State Teachers Recruitment

Why you need Plateau State Teachers Recruitment Past Questions

It is known that applicants usually have anxiety when the exams is near. Their mind keeps thinking how they exams will look like and if they will get high scores. Some end up being sick because they cannot manage the pressure within them.

However, you can overcome this by preparing your mind on what to expect. Past questions will help you to familiarize yourself with exam questions. As a result, you will stop being tense and have peace of mind because you know what you are likely to find in the exams.

Sample of Plateau State Teachers Recruitment Past Questions 

1. The ultimate goal of curriculum of planning is to

a. Develop programmes for society

b. Develop individual skills

c. Establish more schools

d. Guide educational programmes

e. Design teachers’ programmes

2. Curriculum design differ primary in

a. Teaching and learning involves

b. Principles of teaching and learning

c. Method, content and structure

d. Methodology and application

e. Scope and sequence.

3. Broad – field curriculum design is usually criticized because

a. It is difficult to organize

b. Of its cumbersome nature

c. It does not include fieldtrips

d. It does not take care of student’s interests.

e. Subject demarcations still exist.

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