NDU Post UTME Past Question for Law Pdf Download

NDU Post UTME Past Question for Law pdf Download. Law is one of the prestigious faculties in the Nigeria Universities. It is without doubt one of the most competitive faculty to gain admission into, if not the hardest. It is true that no University in Nigeria accept a large number of candidates, this should not make you discourage but put in more effort in your preparation as we unveil the easiest ways to get admitted.

You must know that to achieve success you need to put in a lot of work. This means you need to buckle up with smart preparation to overcome this present circumstance. Students who gained admission into this very faculty made extra effort to have high scores to be considered. This was done by the use of Past questions and answers. With past question material, it is very easy to have your name shortlisted after scoring pretty high in JAMB.

One actually needs to plan well by getting a copy for yourself and going through them one after the other. In the exams hall you will discover that 60% of the past questions were repeated. You must truly get ready well and with the guide of past questions and answers, you will definitely get an admission in just one sitting.

Why you need NDU Post UTME Past Question for Law pdf

Past questions and answers help YOU to identify the areas you already know and also exposes you to take note of the areas you are yet to study the most before the exams and it gives you enough time to look at them again before the exams. This helps you to be more quick in the questions.

Past questions assists you with understanding which topics are a higher priority than others. In doing such, you invest more energy on the questions that are more significant and give you a larger number of success than others. This strategy can help you assuming you have little time left in the exams.

Sample of NDU Post UTME Past Question for Law pdf Download

1. Unless we see the evil clearly, contending against them is like fighting their air

(a) Avoiding (b) Struggling with (c) Combating (d) Repelling

2. Nigeria is gradually experiencing economic recession Since niortality is the lot of man, argued the preacher, we must all accept death with equanimity

(a) anxiety (h) concern (c) uncertainty (d) serenity

3. As Sohan was on probe he was determined to not fall foul of the law

(a) was on parole he was determined to not fall foul of the law (b) was on parole. He was determined not to fall foul of the law (c) was in parole, he was eager avoid the law (d) was parole, he did not with provoke the law

4. If the letters of the word EQUATION’ be arranged at random, what is the probability that all vowels are together.

(a) 1/8 (b) 1/12 (c) 1/12 (d) 1/14

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