5 Common Mistakes Students Make While Preparing For Examinations

5 Common Mistakes Students Make While Preparing For Examinations.

The major cause of failure among students during examinations is lack of knowledge of how to prepare for examinations. Some students in this case actually prepare for exams but make some irrevocable mistakes that halt their chances of performing excellently in examinations.

5 Common Mistakes Students Make While Preparing For Examinations

This article addresses the common mistakes made my students in the course of preparing for an examination. If you’ve always found yourself in a situation whereby you do your best in preparing for exams but you keep failing each year, then this article is definitely for you.

Examination is a test of ones knowledge in a particular field or course of study. Exams were set to test students understanding of a particular area of study. A lot of students have the mindset that exams was meant to separate less intelligent people from the smart ones. This mindset is detrimental to your success in any exams and it is one of the major mistakes made by students during exams preparation.

Common Mistakes To Avoid During Examination Preparation

  1. Failure to Prepare on Time

A very common mistake made by students when preparing for exams is to wait for a few weeks or days to the exams before making preparations for it. Not only is this detrimental to your exam success, but it doesn’t help retention and assimilation of knowledge properly thereby crippling your chances of performing well during exams.

Students who exhibit the habit mentioned above tend to engage in cramming of material and other last minute exam preparation techniques which may not be helpful for them.

  1. Inadequate Preparation

Failure to prepare adequately for an examination is one of the major causes of students failure in examinations. When a student fails to cover the syllabus or material to be studied for an exam, there is every tendency that he or she will not answer correctly a question related to the topics not studied.

To curtail this, students should try as much as possible to have an idea in every topic as much as possible and also have a study timetable where he can allocate time for topics to be read or subjects to be covered. Using this dual-flanked strategy, a student can cover a good portion of the syllabus before the examination.

  1. Failure to Practice Past Questions

It is very risky to study textbooks without having an idea of how questions are going to be set in a material. Most of the times, examiners twist questions in exams and without having a prior knowledge of how such questions are answered, you jeopardize your chances of scoring well in the exams.

Also, questions from previous years are always repeated and studying these questions helps you answer them easily and move on to other questions. From my experience, if I come across a question I previously studied in my past question, I just tick the answers and move on to other tougher questions. Practice makes perfect. Go acquire past questions and study them for the exams.

  1. Failure to Read Extensively

One common mistakes among students when preparing for examination is failure to read outside of the main material for the course. Most of the times, topics in the examination may not be fully covered in the main material and hence, the need for extensive reading of the material.

Materials outside of the main study material for the course can be helpful sometimes as it sheds more light on the topics in the main material but it should not be a substitute for the main material. Information you learn from extensive materials may not even be found in the main study material and you also gain useful knowledge other than just studying for the exams.

  1. Poor Reading Habits

A common mistake that is made by students preparing for exam is lack of good study habits. Proper reading habits is very crucial for success in any examination. Example of poor reading habits include: Allowing distraction in any format while studying, Eating while studying, Playing games while studying or fiddling with your cellphone while studying. You can checkout this article on how to improve your reading skills.

Every possible distractions should be eliminated before studying to ensure maximum concentration during study. If you find yourself in an environment where there is always bound to be distraction, then you might need to find a much more suitable place to study.


This article has explained 5 common mistakes to be avoided by students while studying for examination. Every student should ensure that he or she avoids these mistakes as much as possible of you want to pass your examination with high scores. Follow this tips and soar high in your examinations.

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