How To Transfer Data From Mtn To Mtn

How To Transfer Data From Mtn To Mtn

Do you know that mtn offers data share service? Why allow your excess data to expire when you can share it with friends and family. If you have data and would love to share with your loved ones, follow this simple step0s below.

How To Transfer Data From Mtn To Mtn
For now, mtn data share service only allows sharing between mtn to mtn, if it incorporates sharing with other networks subsequently, we will do well to inform you.
The first thing you should know about mtn data share service is that you cannot share data successfully if you do not patronize any of the mtn data subscription plans. The plans are of different categories and are at affordable prices. Simply dial recharge your account and *131#, and select buy data plan. There is weekly, monthly, bi-monthly plans etc. and make your choice.
Then, you will proceed to register for mtn data share service. Just dial *131*2*1# or use the sms method by sending REG to 131 , after sending the message, a unique pin will be sent to you. You need to reset the pin first to your desired pin before you proceed to use the service. Just dial *131*2*5# or alternatively, send an sms with the word CHANGE, in block letters followed by your old pin to 131. At this point, you own an mtn data share account to yourself. You can now add beneficiaries.
You can add your mtn to mtn data share beneficiaries by dialing *131*2*3#, or alternatively, send sms with the beneficiary’s number to 131.

How Many People can You Add on Your Mtn Data Share Account?

Only five beneficiaries are allowed on this service, therefor, when adding, start with the most important people. Then to share data to your beneficiaries, dial *131*2*4#.
You are also eligible to receive data from friends and family members who are willing to
share with you.

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