How to Track Someone with Phone Number in Nigeria

How to Track Someone with Phone Number in Nigeria

There are different reason why we need to track someone to retrieve what belongs to us or to stop and illegal stuff from happening. There are people who have to track someone because their phone is missing and their information is right there in the phone.

how to track a phone number

It could be so frustrating when your phone is missing and you use the phone for business and then it’s gone. Knowing how to track a phone may be a safer bet.

There are times as well that you want to know someone’s identity especially someone you don’t know before so you can be safe in this country call Nigeria.

There are lots of things going on in the country right now so one must really be careful as not to fall into the wrong hands

In this article we would be giving you information on how to track someone with phone number.

How to track someone with phone number


One of the way to track someone with phone number is by contacting your network provider that keep call log. When you state your reason for calling; most times they would only tell you the state and city for security purpose


Once  you call any Truecaller user that doesn’t have you on their contact list, the app’s caller ID function will question  the database and identify you, in this manner indirectly revealing your identity and making it known to the caller.

You can also search to know one’s identity via searching about the person on the app.


Trap caller app could identify the identity of someone who is strange to you. All you need to do is to download the app on playstore.  Once it’s been activated on your phone, when you receive strange calls just decline and this app would provide you the necessary information about the person identity

For those who use the Premium and Ultimate of the Trapcall app, you will be given the name and address of the caller. The app provides you with Live Caller ID only on iPhone, with that you can put a name and a face to an unrecognized/strange caller. Live caller ID also saves a contact on your phone with this information so that if you get a call from this number again, you’ll see their information as soon as you receive the call.

The apps mentioned above would really help a great deal to track someone’s number. We anticipate your feedback

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