How to apply for Bulgaria tourist, visit or business visa in Nigeria

This article will explain how to apply for a Bulgarian tourist, visit, or business visa in Nigeria. Over the years, the stunning nation of Bulgaria has developed a reputation as one of the least expensive and most accessible travel destinations.

How to apply for Bulgaria tourist

Aside from having a low cost of living, it is a vibrant, upbeat nation with delicious local cuisine and fine wine. Tourists love Bulgaria because of the friendly locals, fantastic outdoor activities, and pleasant weather.

If a trip to Bulgaria is on your bucket list, this article will walk you through the quickest process for obtaining a Nigerian visa for Bulgarian tourism, business, or both.

What is Bulgaria Tourist, Visit, or Business Visa?

A visa is a valid entry requirement for foreign nations. It is an immigration document that gives a foreigner temporary entry into the nation of residence.

A Bulgarian visit or tourist visa allows you to enter the country for a brief length of time (often 90 days) for the purposes of travel, sightseeing, relaxation of any kind, or visiting family or friends. It prohibits the visa holder from performing any sort of labor, whether it be paid or unpaid.

For anyone traveling to Bulgaria for business, a business visa is required. It enables participants to take part in a range of business-related activities, including product inspections, conferences, and meetings.

Bulgarian Tourist Visa Requirements for Nigerian Citizens?

One of the steps to submitting a successful visa application is being aware of the requirements for applying for a Bulgarian tourist, business, or visit visa in Nigeria.

The conditions that must be met in order to apply for a Bulgarian tourist, business, or visit visa in Nigeria are as follows:

1- A completed and signed Bulgaria tourist visa application form.

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2- Two copies of a passport photograph taken recently with a white background.

3- Original photocopies of international passport and national identity card, as well as visa photocopies

4- Original and duplicate flight reservation or travel itinerary

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5- Valid medical insurance or travel insurance for the duration of your stay in Bulgaria.

6- The embassy does not accept all types of insurance certificates. You should obtain your insurance certificate from a visa expert who is familiar with the best insurance company in the area.

7- A formal letter from the applicant’s employer, on company letterhead, confirming that permission for absence from work has been granted and indicating the date and time the applicant will return to work. If the applicant is self-employed or retired, a business license/tax identification certificate and proof of pension fund membership should suffice.

8- Copies of hotel room reservations or hotel reservation vouchers

9- If the applicant is traveling to Bulgaria to meet with a relative or friend, he or she must present an invitation letter outlining the applicant’s contact information, the purpose of the visit, the duration of the visit, and the address of accommodation. The letter of invitation should be signed and dated. The applicant must also provide proof of the Bulgarian host’s legal status, which can be in the form of a copy of their passport or a residency permit.

10- If the applicant is sponsored on the trip to Bulgaria by the host or another Bulgarian sponsor, copies of that individual’s or organization’s bank statements will be required.

How to apply for Bulgaria Tourist, visit or business visa in Nigeria: step by step

Unlike in some other countries, applying for a Bulgaria tourist, visit, or business visa in Nigeria is relatively simple and does not necessitate any theatrics or stringency.

The following are the steps to applying for a Bulgaria tourist, visit, or business visa in Nigeria:

1- Select the type of visa you require based on your reason for visiting Bulgaria: If you are going to visit a friend or relative, you should apply for a visit visa. A business visa or a tourist visa will be required for either business or tourism.

2- Gather all of the above-mentioned documentation and requirements before filling out your visa application form. It’s understandable that dome items are useful, but getting others will take some time, but it’ll be worth it. Make sure you start early enough.

3- Make an appointment with the Bulgarian embassy in Nigeria to apply for a Bulgarian tourist, visit, or business visa. Call or email the embassy early enough to allow for adequate preparation. A consular visa interview may necessitate your physical presence.

4- Following the visa interview, you would have to wait for the embassy’s decision. Your Bulgaria tourist, visit, or business visa application in Nigeria will be evaluated and processed.

5- Once the embassy has made its decision on your visa application to Bulgaria, you will be notified. If your application is approved, the visa will be stamped on your passport.

In order to book an appointment to apply for Bulgaria Tourist, visit or business visa in Nigeria, you will have to contact the Bulgarian embassy:

Address: 10, Euphrates St., off Aminu Kano Crescent, Maitama,  Abuja.

Telephone: +234 8033078578; +234 9038600017



The essence of traveling abroad is to unwind, have fun, become fascinated by the wonders of a new environment, explore a different culture, develop a new worldview, and meet new people, and a visit to Bulgaria will fulfill all of these desires. Thus, applying for a Bulgaria tourist, visit, or business visa in Nigeria is the first step toward a successful visit to Bulgaria. Why not start now?

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