Ekiti State College of Agriculture and Technology Past Questions

EKSCAT Recruitment Interview Past Questions and Answers PDF. Ekiti State College of Agriculture and Technology recently recruited non-academic and academic employees. The selection process is underway for interested applicants.

The selection process involves the interview screening test which will be held in the school premises and after the test, the Ekiti State College of Agriculture and Technology will now released the list of successful candidates. Candidates who their names appear on the list will be the ones that have been selected for the job.

EKSCAT will select successful candidates according to how they passed the exams which implies that all candidates who wish to be selected must score high.

Now, to score high in the forthcoming screening test, you need to prepare intensively for the test by getting the past question papers because EKSCAT set their exams based on past questions. If you get the past question paper and study it well, you are one way ahead of other candidates.

The past question paper are available for both academic and non academic staffs.

Sample Questions

1. Which of the following is a disadvantage of objective tests?

a. Absence of bias in the scoring process
b. Coverage of wide content area
c. Discouragement of superficial study habit
d. Prompt release of result
e. Possibility of guessing correctly.

2. Which of the following best describes the element of counseling?

a. Counselee, counselor, institution counseling
b. Counselee, counselor, institution, problem
c. Counselee, counselor, institution, interview
d. Counselee, counselor, testing counseling

3. Which of the following is a professional characteristic of a counselor?

a. Empathy
b. Nonchalance
c. Emotional
d. Smartness
e. Bravery

4. A counseling centre is best sited in

a. A class room
b. The administrative block
c. An easily accessible block
d. A hall
e. A library

5. Career-day is best described as?

a. Information service
b. Placement service
c. Referral service
d. Promotion service

6. The counseling association of Nigeria was established in___

a. 1960
b. 1968
c. 1970
d. 1976
e. 1986

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