Egypt Tourist Visa Requirements for Nigerian Citizens | How to Apply

Egypt Tourist Visa Requirements for Nigerian Citizens | How to Apply

The Egypt tourist visa must be obtained if you have decided to travel there. How to apply for a tourist visa to Egypt in Nigeria is explained in this guide. It will support you as you go through the phases of applying for a visa and assist you in gathering the necessary paperwork.

Egypt Tourist Visa Requirements for Nigerian Citizens

On the list of popular travel locations worldwide, Egypt comes in at number one. The Egyptian pyramid, museum, and other intriguing attractions attract visitors from all over the world who want to see the historic sites of Egypt firsthand and create lifelong memories.

This guide will give you the knowledge you need to successfully complete the application procedure for an Egypt tourist visa. You can learn the most common inquiries regarding how to apply for an Egypt tourist visa in Nigeria by reading through. But first, think about what the tourist visa for Egypt allows you to accomplish.

What is Egypt Tourist Visa?

To foreigners who meet the conditions, Egypt’s immigration services issue tourist visas. A sticker visa or stamp known as an Egypt tourist visa serves as authorization for leisure travel to Egypt within a 90-day period.

Consider applying for any other types of Egypt if you want to visit there for any other reason. They are the Egypt student visa and the Egypt working visa, which allow holders to work there for a set amount of time (to study in an Egyptian educational establishment for a period of time).

You are able to go to visit friends, family, or loved ones in Egypt with the Egypt tourist visa. Traveling solely for leisure, business, conferences, or education is also possible.

As you apply for an Egypt tourist visa in Nigeria, the Egyptian embassy in that country requires that you provide a number of supporting documents. If you are unable to give them, you fall short of the requirements.

Egypt Tourist Visa Requirements for Nigerian Citizens

When applying for an Egypt tourist visa in Nigeria, the following requirements must be met:

1. A passport for another country

A minimum of two pages must be included in your international passport. Three months after the day you want to depart from Egypt, the passport must still be valid.

2- Completed application for a visa

When filling out your application, be careful. Your information and the information on your supporting documents must match. Using Adobe PDF Reader or any working PDF reader on your computer is required to complete this form.

3- Passport pictures

two identical 2 x 2 inch passport photos that were just taken. Your full face must be visible, and the image must be on a white background.

4. A six- to one-year bank statement of accounts

The bank statement needs to be legibly stamped and signed. A statement that you received from the bank less than 14 days ago is what you should provide. Obtain a new statement of accounts if necessary.

5-A certified original copy of your travel insurance

For travel health insurance to apply for an Egypt visa, go HERE. The original and one copy of the policy document must be presented.

6. Copy the hotel’s confirmation voucher
You must submit this if Egypt is not your host country. This reservation must be in effect throughout the entire time that you are applying for a visa to Egypt. The Embassy will get in touch with the hotel to verify that it is legitimate.

If payment is not received by the hotel within 24 hours of your reservation, many may cancel it; this could result in a visa denial. The embassy also advises against paying for a hotel reservation in full while waiting for your visa to be approved. You can cut costs while still getting your visa accepted. To understand more, see our article on hotel + flight booking for visa applications.

7-Flight reservation: When traveling to Egypt, your flight reservation reveals your entry and exit strategies
Your PNR, full name, and airline and flight information are all included. To make a complimentary flight reservation (terms and conditions apply).

8-Employment verification

a letter from your work or business confirming your employment or ownership. It should state the total number of days you will be off from work.

9) Company registration paperwork

Your certificate of incorporation and other company registration documents should be included if you own your business.

10 evidence of links to the Nigerian society

birth certificates for your children and your marriage.

11- A letter of invitation

If you have a friend, member of your family, or a business partner in Egypt, the invitation letter is crucial. The letter should include your relationship to the recipient as well as your travel plans to and from Egypt.

12 Property records

Papers proving car ownership, papers proving land ownership, and so forth.

How to Apply for Egypt Tourist Visa in Nigeria: Step by Step

There are laid-down processes that you must go through when procuring the Egypt tourist visa in Nigeria. The following are the steps:

1. Compile the supporting evidence.

It is preferable to have all of your documentation ready before submitting your application. On the application form, you must provide details about your hotel room or host in Egypt. You are unable to supply this information if your invitation letter or hotel reservation voucher are not yet prepared.

2- Book an appointment with the embassy

Book an appointment with the Egypt embassy in Abuja. You may reach the embassy from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Monday to Friday, through the following:

– 0703 406 3111, 0703 415 8802

3- Retrieve your documents

After submission, you would get a message from the embassy when your documents are ready for pick up.

Egypt E-Visa/Online Egypt Visa

People can apply for Egypt visas online through a platform provided by the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Only citizens of the United Kingdom, the United States, Japan, and numerous other European nations are currently eligible for the Egypt e-visa.

You cannot apply for an Egypt visa online if you are a Nigerian since you are ineligible for an Egypt e-visa. Instead, gather the necessary paperwork, complete the Egypt tourist visa application form, and schedule an appointment with the embassy.

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