Day 47: Could Game fatigue be causing high emotions in the House?

The level of vileness in Biggie’s home has risen dramatically. These days, there isn’t a day that goes by without a fight. The housemates have been at each other’s necks since the week began. Even though the week is only halfway over, we have already witnessed a good number of intense exchanges.

Could Game fatigue be causing high emotions in the House

On Monday, Bella and Sheggz got into a fight regarding what happened at the Saturday Night Party, which led to Sheggz complaining about Bella’s excessive partying. Even in the course of an altercation, which Doyin was present to mediate, the two ended it. Doyin took offense to Chizzy’s advice not to become involved in Shella’s problems all the time and responded by using a derogatory term.

Biggie presented the housemates with a tree covered in pictures of their evicted counterparts, and as they all recalled, Phyna began to cry. A new argument between Rachel and Chichi almost took the spotlight away from the lovely occasion. The two women butted heads over eggs that belonged to Giddyfia, an evicted housemate. Despite Bella’s attempts to stop them, they continued to argue and insult each other.

Doyin addressed Bryann about his behaviour toward her following the Task the Housemates had on Tuesday night. She informed him that she had observed him behaving oddly in her direction during the task and wished to know why. Bryann stated that something Doyin did weeks earlier was the catalyst for it, but she didn’t buy it.

Bryann maintained his position that it wasn’t a huge deal, so the situation remained unresolved.

Chichi was depressed following the departure of Fake Housemate Deji, as seen by the length of her sobbing on Sunday night and into the early hours of Monday morning. When other Housemates joined her, she was all smiling and having fun, so it appeared that her attempt to cheer herself up by dancing to the music Biggie played in the House had worked.
Hermes and Bryann made an effort to resolve their disagreements. Hermes’ outburst following the Housemates’ Wager defeat. As a result, this week, after Bryann called Hermes out on his outburst, the two discussed about the situation.

The two were able to resolve their differences when Hermes clarified himself.

Sheggz and Rachel got into a heated quarrel last night, and Bella joined in, yelling to touch Rachel. After the argument was over, Bryann, one of the Housemates who had been keeping the trio apart, acknowledged that this week’s emotions were running hot. He warned Sheggz against ambiguity and advised him to always use clear language.

We saw Chizzy tell Doyin that if she wanted their friendship to last, they needed to establish boundaries in the House that would carry over to the outside a few hours after the altercation between Rachel, Bella, and Sheggz. Doyin answered that she didn’t care what the other Housemates thought and that if she did, she wouldn’t be sitting on Chizzy’s lap. Doyin continued, “I’m really enjoying getting to know him, and I’m really enjoying our friendship, and that won’t change.”

Do you think the Game is finally getting to the housemates?

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