Cross River State Teachers Recruitment Past Questions and Answers

Cross River State Teachers Recruitment Past Questions and Answers

Download the most recent Cross River state teachers recruitment past questions papers from this page to ensure you are fully prepared for the recruitment exam. This past question paper has everything you need to succeed in the test because it contains all of the sample questions to expect.

Why You Need Cross River State Teachers Recruitment Past Questions

The teachers’ recruitment examination is extremely difficult to pass. Unlike in other states of Nigeria, all exams conducted by the Cross Rivers State Ministry of Education, Calabar, and other basic education regulatory bodies in Cross Rivers are very strict and tough. Candidates who prepare with past question papers, on the other hand, may find things easier due to the common repetition of past exam questions.

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Samples of Cross River State Teachers Recruitment Past Questions

When you download our Cross River state teachers recruitment past question papers, you will have full access to all of the newly updated past questions and answers. However, we have provided some free sample questions below to give you an idea of what you can expect to see in the complete question papers study pack:

The given numbers below (from Q1 to Q3) have a pattern in common, study the number carefully and fill in the missing number.

1).  4, 6, 12, 14, 28, 30, ?

A.  64

B. 60

C. 31

D. 44

2). 4, 9, 13, 22, 35, ?

A. 57

B. 72

C. 47

D. 75

3).  2, 1, (1/2), (1/4), ?

A. 1/16)

B. (1/8)

C. (2/6)

D. (1/7)

4). What does Effective teaching means?

A. Corporal punishment given to pupils when they commit moral offences

B. Individual instruction and general classroom discussion

C. Cooperation, affection and encouragement given to students

D.  B and C above

E. Non of the above

4). Cross Rivers State shares boundary with Cameroon Republic to the?

A. East

B. West

C. North

D. South

Answers to the Questions Above

Q1. B

Q2. A

Q3. B

Q4. D

Q5. A

Important Information for Our Customers:

Please be aware that only a few websites provide genuine exam materials. We recently discovered that some scam websites frequently copy our sample questions from our product description pages and repost them on their scam websites, making it appear as if they, too, have previous questions. Some may even copy and republish our entire product description. Please do not be misled; what you are paying for is the actual PDF file, which they do not have.

We have thousands of past questions to write about, so we may not be able to write a detailed description or provide many sample questions right now. But we can assure you that the information will be extremely beneficial to you. Remember that it is not our description here that is important, but the actual material you will receive after payment.

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