Importance of Girl Child Education in Nigeria

Importance of Girl Child Education in Nigeria Stella van Petten Henderson defines Education as “a combination of growth and human development with social legacy. Kohnstamm and Gunning (1995): Education is the formation of conscience. Education is a process of self-formation and self-determination ethically, conformed conscience”. To break it down, education is the act or process … Read more

Are Online Degrees Accredited? | Your Simple Guide

Are Online Degrees Accredited? | Your Simple Guide Your understanding of accreditation and how it works is key and important when searching for an online program.Naturally, the type of accreditation a school goes a long way to helping the students secure financial aid thereby ensuring the quality of the education they receive. On the other … Read more

Accredited Online Criminal Justice Degree | An Ultimate Guide to Getting

Accredited online criminal justice degree program allows for broad range of courses put together to provide you with all you need to succeed in the criminal justice field. The Courses in this field focus on law enforcement, corrections, courts and various aspects of crime, including terrorism, drugs, white collar crime and victimization. Types of Online … Read more

Accredited Online Business Schools | Your Simple Guide

What is a Business School? A Business School or School of Business is a bachelor’s degree or postgraduate-level institution that teaches and confers degree in business administration or management. What is ACBSP Accreditation? ACBSP means Accreditation Council for Business Schools & Programs. Founded in 1989, ACBSP accreditation means that the Accreditation body approves a given … Read more