Find the Best Ways to Send Money to Nigeria from Denmark

Find the Best Ways to Send Money to Nigeria from Denmark – Money as a medium of exchange is one of the rare ways to bless one’s life. Hence, Sending money to your loved ones is a necessity. However, some persons experience difficulties particularly when it involves transferring money from countries abroad to Nigeria.

Find the Best Ways to Send Money to Nigeria from Denmark

Reports have it that during the last 25 years the exports of Denmark to Nigeria have massively gone AWOL at a reported annual rate of 11.3%, from $17.8M in 1995 to $260M in 2022.b This shows that there is a trade understanding between these two countries, hence one needs not worry about the safety of the transaction.
However, with the increased rate of money fraudsters and scammers today, you are never sure of what you get, hence we have compiled a legal and safe ways to send money to Nigeria from Denmark. To do that, you can follow these simple ways:


To transfer your Danish Krones to a bank account in US dollars in Nigeria, the surest and easiest way to do that is via paysend.

With paysend, there are no transfer fees.
They also have an impressive DKK-USD conversion rate (their current exchange rate is 1 DKK = 0.144 USD).

If your family, friends, or your recipient does not have a bank account, paysend can compare the cash so that one can transfer money from Denmark for cash pick-up in Nigeria:


TransferWise, now known as Wise, is basically an online account where you can send money to other countries or get your money in other currencies.

It is one of the cheapest way to transfer your money using a bank account.

  • How it works:

Create a free account
Select a location
Select your payment method


CurrencyFair is essentially a P-P( peer-to-peer) currency exchange site. The platform has its headquarters in Ireland, its employees are spread across UK, Australia, Greece, Hong Kong, Poland, and Singapore.

Some Key Currencyfeatures:

  • It exchange rate is highly competitive.
  • It allows for a personalised transfer speed and cost;
  • its web and mobile app interface are easy to understand and interpret
  • Its customer satisfaction reviews are up there with the best.

How To Transfer Money From Denmark to Nigeria Using Currency Wise

  1. Login and provbide your transaction details.
  2. Provide your possible recipient details.
  3. Provide your deposit method and transfer speed.
  4. If your details are complete, select the option to transfer your money.

If you are a bank person, these are top banks in Denmark you can choose from: 

  • Danske Bank A/S

Net income: DKK 4.59 billion (2020)

Total assets: DKK 4.07 trillion (3/2021)

  • Nykredit Bank A/SNet income: DKK 5.64 billion (2020)

    Total assets: DKK 1.66 trillion (3/2021)

  • A/S Arbejdernes LandsbankNet income: DKK 330.0 million (2020)

    Total assets: DKK 62.7 billion (2020)

  • Jyske BanNet income: DKK 1.61 billion (2020)

    Total assets: DKK 682.76 billion (3/2021)

  • Sydbank

Net income: DKK 799.0 million (2020)

Total assets: DKK 164.8 billion (3/2021)

  • Nordea Kredit RealkreditaktieselskabNet income: DKK 1.28 million (2020)

    Total assets: DKK 467.9 trillion (2020)

  • DLR Kredit A/S
    Net income: DKK 749.0 million (2020)

    Total assets: DKK 182.0 billion (3/2021)

Spar Nord Bank A/S

Net income: DKK 737.0 million (2020)

Total assets: DKK 108.2 billion (3/2021)

  • Saxo Bank A/S

Net income: DKK 39.38 million

Total assets: DKK 38.33 billion

  • Realkredit Danmark A/S

Net income: DKK 3.88 billion (2020)

Total assets: DKK 884.0 billion (3/2021)

With this said, the fear of sending from Denmark to Nigeria should now be a thing of the past if you follow the aforementioned steps.

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