BBNaijaDay 45: Unsettled emotions after Nominations

Given that this was the first time the Veto Power had been used this season, the Level Up House’s post-nomination period was very emotional. Chomzy was first to complain about being subject to a potential eviction, while Bryann quickly complained about the reason he was used as a Save and Replace for Adekunle. As he spoke with Adekunle in the Garden about a grudge he had against Bryann, HoH Hermes expressed an interest in having a brief argument.
Chomzy was the first Housemate to express her displeasure at being Nominated for eviction after Biggie named the members of the House who were potentially facing eviction.

 Unsettled emotions after Nominations

Conversely, Bryann made it clear that he was not surprised by the “Save and Replace” manoeuvre that saw him replace Adekunle on the list of housemates who could face eviction. Speaking with Doyin (whom he nominated), he claimed Hermes’ choice to put him on the line for eviction was solely motivated by emotion rather than by sound judgement.

With the exception of the fact that they were tired about the upcoming Sunday, Phyna and Doyin didn’t have much to say. While Doyin kept up her conversations with various Housemates, Phyna talked about how she had received the most nominations. Could that be her personal strategy for handling the stress of being nominated?

Its riders Chizzy and Rachel did a remarkable job of expressing their “disappointment” at being put forward for eviction. Similar to Chomzy, Rachel asserted to anyone who would listen that she was certain that her nomination was the result of widespread hostility toward her among the House members. On the other hand, as soon as the nominations were announced, Chizzy immediately adopted a dejected expression and demeanour. a performance that some people deemed Oscar-worthy on social media.
After last night’s Save and Replace, HoH Hermes was not in a good mood. He was discussing the Nominations with Adekunle when Giddyfia said he couldn’t be friends with him outside the House because he doesn’t trust him. He then expressed his displeasure at this statement.

Hermes chats with Adekunle

We are eager to see whether the Housemates will get along or whether the stress caused by the Wager loss and the Nominations causes more drama.

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