BBNaija: A heartfelt Eviction Diary Session for Housemates

With the exception of Dotun, the Head of House, and the riders Rachel and Chizzy, all of the original Housemates were in danger of being evicted this week. Tensions among the housemates have been high ever since the nominations were made on Monday, but today’s mood took a surprising turn as a result of their concern for one another over their Eviction Diary Sessions.
Big Brother wanted to know how the Housemates mentally prepared for Eviction day since they were all potentially up for eviction before getting into the meat of today’s diary session. Most Housemates’ main motivation was to be authentic.

A heartfelt Eviction Diary Session for Housemates

Chichi was honest when she admitted to Big Brother that she dislikes Sundays because of the evictions. Diana explained to Biggie that getting ready for potential evictions physically is just as important as mentally preparing for them. Diana complained, “Every time I have a lot of things to pack, I pack them small small, but I prepare by packing, eating, and getting dressed so I can look good for you, Ebuka, and the viewers Biggie.

After expressing her lack of enthusiasm for the day to Bigg, Chomzy later confessed to him that she dislikes getting ready for the Live Eviction Show due to the possibility of being eliminated.

Housemates’ Eviction Impact

When Big Brother asked which of their fellow contestants’ eviction would have the biggest effect on the house, the housemates displayed their compassionate side. The query made the housemates reflect on their fellow residents and what qualities they bring to the home.

Biggie was informed by Chichi, Bella, Giddyfia, and Groovy that Phyna’s eviction would have the greatest effect on the House. “Biggie appreciates Phyna’s assistance; she prepares meals for everyone in the house and has recently begun doing people’s hair. I think her Eviction would send a shockwave throughout the House,” admitted Groovy which are sentiments that Chichi also shared as she said, “I would miss Phyna a lot if she was Evicted but I also think the House would feel it because she is helpful.”

Biggie’s twist

We are preparing for yet another twist, oh boy! Biggie advised riders Rachel and Chizzy not to react when Ebuka orders the phoney housemate to leave the Big Brother House during their Eviction Diary Session. Could this mean that we will see another surprise Eviction like last week?

An emotional Deji also had the same question in mind as he asked Biggie if the Live Eviction Show would play out the same way it did last week when Modella was Evicted. Biggie kept his plans under wraps but acknowledged Deji’s dejected state by giving him some time to collect himself in the diary room.

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