Anambra State Teachers Recruitment Past Questions and Answers

Anambra State Teachers Recruitment Past Questions and Answers.

Teachers in Anambra State and Their Functions in the Past Exams While some candidates believe they can handle the exam on their own, others rely on recently-posted questions and answers to get a sense of the exam’s format, so they know what to focus on in their preparation.

When comparing these two groups, the most promising prospects are the ones who actively look for answers to the most recently posed questions.

Both the supervisor and the applicants require careful consideration. Above all, the Anambra State TESCOM Recruitment Past Questions Paper plays a significant role in preparing you for your Examination by providing insight into the nature of the test’s content and structure.

Having a clear idea of the types of questions to expect on the exam is crucial, and you will have that here.

You will not be nervous or in need of extra help before the exam, and you will not get “exam fever” from not being prepared.

Despite the fact that it may seem overwhelming at times, the material actually helps you prepare for the exam and provides direction for tackling the more technical questions you may face.

Hence, when you get these sample questions from us, you have an 80% chance of passing your exams.

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Samples / Examples of Anambra State Teachers Recruitment Past Questions

Applicants to the Anambra State teachers recruitment examination can benefit greatly from reviewing the questions asked in previous years’ tests. These questions, which have appeared in both computer-based and written formats, provide a good representation of the types of questions that will be on the current exam.

In any case, here are a few examples of questions that might help you get started:

1). Anambra was recognized as one of the oil producing state in Nigeria in the year?

A. 2000

B. 2008

C. 2012

D. 2016

2). One of the following is not an effective teaching?

A. Find fault in students

B. Teach with enthusiasm

C. Emphasize more on teaching then class control

D. More conscious of student comprehension than completing the syllabus

3). A good teacher should keep sound of his voice?

A. High enough

B. Low

C. Occasionally high and occasionally low

D. Moderate

Answers to the Above Questions

Q1. C

Q2, A

Q3. D


1. Consider the sequence 2, 6, 18, 54, 162,.… If the 48th term is a and the 51th is b, what is the value of b/a?

A) 1/27
B) 1/3
C) 9
D) 3
E) 27

2. What is the value of z, the number of seniors on teams as shown in the table below?
A) 360
B) 420
C) 200
D) 1800
E) It cannot be determined from the information given

3. In the figure above, what is the value of a? A) 30
B) 36
C) 45
D) 72
E) It cannot be determined from the information given

4. At central high school 50 girls play intramural basketball and 40 girls play intramural volleyball. If 10 girls play both sports, what is the ratio of the number who plays only volleyball? A) 3:4
B) 4:3
C) 5:4
D) 4:5
E) 2:3

5. Maria is 6 times as old as Tina. In 20 years, Maria will be only twice as old as Tina. How old is Maria now?
A) 25
B) 28
C) 29
D) 30
E) 32

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