Abia State Teachers Recruitment Past Questions and Answers

We are all aware of how difficult it is to find a job at the moment, so in order to have a chance, it may be necessary to perform at one’s absolute best; this is where questions from previous years come into play.

What to Expect from the Abia State Teachers Recruitment Exams

A review of questions from previous years reveals that there is nothing to be concerned about in terms of the Teachers recruitment examinations. The questions and answers listed below are examples from previous years.

1). Which of the following is not a signal of non-verbal communication?

A. Eye movements

B. Gestures

C. Voice Modulations

D. Facial Expressions

2). Who started early childhood education in Nigeria?

A. Tai Solarin

B. Dr. Maria Montessori

C. Wole Soyinka

D. Florence Nightingale

3). How many Local Government are in Abia State?

A. 17

B. 18

C. 19

D. 20

4). The common features of most curriculum models are

a. Learning experiences and content
b. Objectives and learning experiences.
c. Objectives and evaluation
d. Organization of content and learning experience
e. Content and evaluation

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What Comes Next After The Exams?

There is no reason to be worried, as only shortlisted candidates will be invited for an oral interview.

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