5 Ways to Rewrite an Essay and Remove Plagiarism Easily

Writing is a basic practice in our daily life. It is a vast field and includes many things like writing a blog, an article, an essay, or stories. Writing often involves plagiarism which is the utilization of someone else’s words or thoughts in your work without giving appropriate credit.

5 ways to rewrite an essay and remove plagiarism easily

Hence using another person’s idea without permission counts as stealing and has consequences also.

To remove plagiarism, we can adopt different ways. One of the ways is to rewrite your work.

How will you define rewriting?

Rewriting is the most common way of going through an unfinished copy and fixing things that don’t work for you, whether that is changing the word decision in a solitary sentence or cutting whole segments that don’t fit in.

It is the piece of the altering system that generally alludes to the bigger changes that contain an entirely different draft. If you add the rephrased words from various searches in your content, then it will become more perfect.

Why rewriting is essential?

The process of rewriting is not only beneficial in creating a unique and exclusive essay but also helps to remove plagiarism.

Especially when a person is writing for the first time he/she does not know on which path the work will go once it is completed. Particularly while writing longer content.

Now when you have completed writing your the first draft you can go through it and make changes can cut down extra information and can develop altogether a new essay by rewriting.

You can begin the process of rewriting, taking all that you have gained from the old adaptation and utilizing it to reinforce the resulting new drafts.

Other than this, it happens quite often that while writing on a certain topic we collect information from numerous sites and unintentionally use the same words without realizing it, which results in plagiarism. To remove it rewriting will be of great help.

Difference between rewriting and paraphrasing:

When you paraphrased any content, Google is smart enough to catch it and it affects the domain authority of your webpage as you are violating its laws.

While rewriting means that you are taking some data with the addition of your ideas and describing it in your words.

Ways to rewrite an essay:

There are different methods or ways with the help of which you can rewrite your essay.

It can be done either manually or with the aid of tools. We will now discuss some of them below.

1. Use of synonyms:

This is one of the most common and simplest methods of rewriting. One can easily rewrite his content by using synonyms. Different words having the same meaning are known as synonyms.

For example, the synonym of huge is vast.

The utilization of these equivalent words likewise assists with making your composing more striking and making a seriously fascinating picture in the brain of the peruse.

For example:

“The sky was dark”.

“The sky was murky”

In this example just changing the word with its synonym will result in the development of a new, innovative image in the reader’s mind.

Murky word gives a more thrilling effect to the sentence. The right utilization of equivalent words can change your composition from exhausting to an interesting one.

2. Change the structure of words

One way to rewrite your work to remove or avoid plagiarism is by changing the word’s structure.

Thus by doing this you can easily avoid plagiarism while maintaining the actual information and meaning of your topic.

This can be done by breaking the words and rearranging them thus, developing a new sentence.

Don’t worry about breaking your essay this will not only improves your work but will also help in the reduction of plagiarism. But for rewriting or changing the structure you just need to follow some steps like

  • Carefully read the whole passage
  • Mark the words or sentences which show plagiarism or you just want to rewrite them to make them better.
  • Then write down again what you have understood from those lines by using different words.

For example

Computers have taken over the world as they can do your work more easily and fastly as compared to humans.

We can rewrite this sentence as

Emerging technologies like computers have left behind mankind as they can do your work in just a few seconds.

3. Essay Rewriter

To rewrite essay, you can also take help from essay rewriter which can be easily accessible on the internet. Essay rewriters can make your work simple and will also save you time.

5 ways to rewrite an essay and remove plagiarism easily

Besides doing your work manually using a rewriter will be of great help. After checking the percentage of plagiarism, you can use an rewriting tool to reduce it. These kind of article rewriters will give your work a new shape without hampering the actual meaning.

Working pattern:

After proofreading the data which you have entered in it, this tool underlines the sentence and words and will change them.

It will either replace the words with their synonyms or will change the structure of the lines. This tool can be used by people of all age groups.

1. Break long sentences into shorter ones

Lengthy lines are difficult to read. They not only lose the reader’s interest but are also troublesome to understand. On the contrary, shorter sentences are more likely to be acknowledged.

Hence one of the ways to rewrite is by breaking your longer sentences into shorter and easily readable ones. While breaking the structure also changes which will help remove plagiarism.

2. Use more than one method:

In this era of technology, one should never rely upon one method. While rewriting use different methods, this will make the process easy.

Multiple methods like checking for synonyms and changing the structure of words while rewriting. Using different methods helps to remove plagiarism more easily and quickly.

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This article shows what rewriting is, how it is important and what are the ways and tips we can use while rewriting to avoid plagiarism.

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