10 List of Highest Paying Jobs In Nigeria

10 List of Highest Paying Jobs In Nigeria

The dream of every graduate or undergraduate is to get a good paying job immediately after graduation

from the university. This is one of the most difficult feet to achieve in Nigeria at the moment, though it is

not completely impossible but you definitely have to have several things in place before reaching this

height in just a short space of time.

10 List of Highest Paying Jobs In Nigeria

Highest Paying Jobs In Nigeria

Several things you need to meet are studying the right course in school (though every course is important and applicable in mans everyday activity but there are some

more valuable courses than others. Learning an additional skill especially something related to your field

of study, this may give you an added edge while applying or during a job interview. Developing yourself

in your field of study, this is another important aspect in the road to landing top paying jobs in Nigeria

(firms prefer hiring people who have a core to what they are about facing, so being very good in your

field will certainly get you a high paying job).

In a bit to help you know the highest paying jobs in Nigeria we have decided to put up this very article to

serve as a guide for you. Here are some of the highest paying jobs as we get to find out in Nigeria.

10 List of Highest Paying Jobs In Nigeria

Oil & Gas Job

The oil and gas sector provides up to 70% of what is used in funding our countries economy as Nigeria is

solely dependent on oil. Working for an oil company seems to be the dream of every young Nigerian

including those who are currently working for other high paying firms. Employees in this sector are

undoubtedly one of the highest paying set if not the highest paid.

Oil company workers in Nigeria earn as much as N2,200,000 per month and N24,400,000

Medical job

Medical sector also rank among the high paying jobs in Nigeria. We will use surgeons as case study here

as they seem to be the highest paid in this sector because of the level of risk involved in their job. The

surgeons take home up to N1,000000 per month and other medical doctors equally take up to


Aviation Job

Aviation is undoubtedly one of the highest paying sector in Nigeria most especially pilots. It is hard to

tell between a surgeon and pilot who earns more, but the aviation sector are certainly one of the

highest paying sector in Nigeria. A pilot takes home more than N3000000 every month.

Software engineering job

Software engineers are the one of the highest set of employees in Nigeria as well as overseas. Software

engineers in Nigeria are being envied by other workers in the same company because of how much they

take home annually. Though software engineers are said to be underpaid in this part of the world but

believe me they are still in the list of top earners in Nigeria.

Software engineers depending on the company they are employed earn as much as N1,000000 per

month and N12,000000 per annum

Pastoral Job

Pastoral job in the 21 st century seem to be one of the most lucrative job, funny enough church back then

never use to be a business neither pastoral work but pastors this days cruise on range rover and even

some private jet.

The fact is in as much as some pastors are high up there others are struggling to make a living but they

are one of the highest earners in the country.

Entertainment Job

The entertainment industry has produced numerous millionaires in the country, from movie, music and

drama section. Several musical artist, movie actors and actresses are millionaires, the few that aren’t

have maybe not done something great or never hit the very top as yet.

Musical artist and movie stars take up to or more than N4,000000 just for showing up in an event.


Programming work is basically about problem solving. Programmers don’t necessarily wait for

employment if they can create problem solving software. Programmers world-wide are among the

highest paid set of employees though in Nigeria and in fact Africa same cannot be really said but that

notwithstanding Nigerian programmers still take home good amount of money of up to about N250,000

a month.


Blogging was never seen as full time job before now in fact most bloggers did it for fun as there was

really no much money in it but these days blogging has turned to a full-time job for most people.

Bloggers make some real good sum of money today. The popular Linda Ikeji will surely serve as a typical

example of who bloggers are. An average blogger makes about $1000 monthly, that’s about N360,000

though there is no assurance of what they can make. See how to become a successful blogger

Network Marketing Job

This seems to be the job of the moment. Network marketing doesn’t require you have any product to

sale as you only need to connect people to product owners. The higher the number you connect and

convince them to enroll in your various programs the bigger you make your income and you can do this

for as many company as you can. An average network marketer returns home with nothing less than

N250,000 every month.

Banking Job

The banking sector is another top paying sector in Nigeria, but certainly depends on the level. As one of

the most studied course in school, banking and finance institution higher the highest number of

employees and relatively pay them some reasonable amount of money though it solely depends on the

banking institution involved. However, several banks pay their staffs some good sum of money. Bankers

earn as much as N200,000 per month and N2,000000 per year.

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These are just the few selected jobs that pay high in Nigeria.

That has been the information gathered by our team, hope it meet exactly what you looked for.

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