10 Best Universities to Study Economics in Nigeria

10 Best Universities to Study Economics in Nigeria.

Economics is a four year course and has continued to be one of the favorite courses chosen by most Nigerian students when applying for admission in Nigerian tertiary institutions. A lot of people now a days are likely searching for 10 Best University to Study Economics in Nigeria. This is because of the high value and employ-ability that an Economics graduate gets once they are out of school. Economics graduates are much sought after in virtually all the sector so the economy and their job opportunities are limitless.

10 Best Universities to Study Economics in Nigeria

10 Best Universities to Study Economics in Nigeria

For example, they are a hot cake in the banking industry, multinational companies, government agencies, and most can even start their own companies since they already have the requisite knowledge of finance and money management.Thus, for a student who studies economics in the university, it is almost guaranteed that they will come out and get employment immediately after school.

That is why we have conducted a research and come up with the top ten universities in Nigeria where you can study for an Economics degree. These universities have what it takes to give you an excellent and all-round education that will make you highly sought after once you hit the labor market.

The List of 10 Best Universities for an Economics Degree in Nigeria

Out of hundreds of universities where you can get an Economics degree in Nigeria, we have narrowed down your search to the top ten in order to give you the best options to choose from:

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  1. University of Ibadan

Founded in 1948 and situated in the old city of Ibadan, it is considered one of the premier universities in the country. The university ranks as one of the best in the country and its Economics Department is adjudged one of the best in the country. You will never get it wrong if you choose to study for your Economics degree in the university.

  1. Imo state university, Owerri

Located in the old city of Kano in northern Nigeria, this university has been the pride of the northern region of the country. Founded in 1960, the University of Bayero is reputed to have some of the best faculties among universities in the north, with economics being one of its strong fortes.

  1. Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike

It may be a university for agriculture, but it also specializes in agro-economics, and since agriculture is the mainstay of our economy, you would understand why this university is the best institution for those who want to study Economics.

  1. University of Ilorin

The University of Ilorin is one of the best universities in the western part of the country. Founded in 1977, its Economics Department has consistently produced some of the best Economics graduates that have went on to man important positions in the country’s economy.

5. Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria

Located in the ancient and historical city of Zaria, the Ahmadu Bello University is considered a premier institution, producing some of the best minds and personalities in the country. Its Economics department, established in 1966, is well equipped to offer qualitative teaching and offer world-class learning environment for studies.

  1. University Of Nigeria, Nsukka

The University of Nsukka prides itself on having some of the best run faculties and departments in the country, amongst the departments being the Department of Economics. There are at least four branches of economic taught in the school, namely:

  • Health Economics
  • International Economics
  • Monetary and Financial Economics
  • Demographics Economics
  • Economic History

Thus, you have a range of options to choose from in your selection of Economics courses to study in the university

7. Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka

Founded in 1995, this is one of the best universities in the eastern part of the country renowned for its Economics courses. The Department of Economics in the university is reputed to be topnotch, delivering quality teaching and learning to students who apply to study in the school. There is also an Agricultural and Economics Extension program for those who want to study Economics under the Faculty of Agriculture.

8. Kaduna State University, Kaduna

Founded in 2004, it is one of the youngest federal universities in the country. Its 39 departments spread over 9 faculties includes an Economics Department that is well equipped and properly staffed to meet the demands of high quality teaching.

  1. Nigerian Defence Academy

This is Nigeria’s premier military academy, but it offering of programs of study is not limited to military stuff alone, as it encompasses all other aspects of learning. The academy teaches other programs, and Economics is one of those, delivering high quality education to military-minded students who also want to specialize in Economics even while in the military.

  1. Imo state university, Owerri

Located in the eastern state of Imo, the university was founded in 1981, and is known for high quality educational programs, one of which is economics. Considered one of the best universities in the east, the university has paid much attention to equipping its Economics department to offer high quality teachings to students over the years.



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